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This dont look good!!


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Hey guys, I need some opinions/info. I popped the hood the other day and  haven't driven it in a few weeks and then I noticed there was a dampness around the super charger snout. not really wet to where I could wet my fingers but damp enough to make a color difference. I cleaned it off yesterday and drove around the block a few times. I got the boost up a few times, came home and there was nothing to be found. I don't know if maybe the seal behind the pulley has a little leak but just not constant. Has anyone seen this before that could give me some ideas. If you guys do think I need to replace the seal can you tell me if it something I can do myself or is it hard to do. Back story of the car is that it is a 2010 with 60k miles. It does have the 2.6 pulley that the previous owner put on. I have had the car since January of this year and have maybe put on 500 miles.Thanks for your input.

small super.jpg

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problem fixed please delete
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