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Wrong VIN on PCM


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So, I just received my Steeda CAI with BDX tuner. I went to flash my car with the canned 93 octane tune, and low and behold, my tuner reads a different VIN on my he PCM. I was hoping that the tuner was in demo mode, but no. So, now my tuner is paired with a different VIN.  If I change the VIN, my device will have to be unlocked as it is now paired with a different VIN. Pissed because the car has been service numerous times without this being mention. I guess the PCM was swapped by the previous owner. I drive an 07 very and the PCM is registered to an 07 coupe.  Would the different VIN affect the uploading of tunes. I understand timers don’t use the BIN, just the serial number and 4 digit code on the PCM. Thoughts?

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