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Check owners manual light, brand new gt350

Mr. Greenjeans

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Greetings, I just too delivery of a 2018 Shelby GT350.  I have 150 miles on it so far.  An orange wrench has appeared three times that says check owners manual.  After it comes on, in a couple miles it goes off.  There is nothing in the owners manual about this light that I can find.  Has anyone experienced this and any idea what this is about.  

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I found this info below from someone else who was having a similar problem. Also , if you are having GT350 problems you may want to post in the GT 350 forum here on TS.

The wrench may be a  warning indicator to the driver that there is a fault in the power train control system and the vehicle has gone into limp home operation or a problem with the transmission has been detected and the shifting may be restricted.

That light comes on when the power train control module sees a sensor or component that is out of the set range that is programed into the module, the PCM is continuously monitoring the sensors on the engine, exhaust and the transmission and if it sees a sensor out of range for 1 drive cycle it will turn on the wrench light, if it sees it for 3 drive cycles it will turn on the check engine light, what may have happened is it seen something it didn't like and then on the next drive cycle it was within range and turned the wrench back off.


Either way, you may want to whip in to your local dealer and get it documented and get the codes read, that way if you have continual problems you will have a record of what is going on.

Good Luck and welcome to TS.

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