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Stripes or no Stripes? Stripes Under Scoop or Around it?

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I've got a white 2007 SGT with silver stripes and the stripes faded and cracked big time .  I removed the stripes (and scoop) and was going to just replace them with GT500 style stripes from American Muscle.  However, I have to repaint the hood due to the dissimilar metal corrosion from the hood pins.  That got me thinking about a stripe delete (except for the side stripe) configuration.

What are your thoughts on leaving the stripes off and painting the hood scoop white to match?  Or should I go ahead and put the stripes back on? 

If I do put the stripes back on, should I do them under the hood scoop too or have the shop cut the stripes around it?  I ask the last question because of the pain to get the scoop off again down the road if I needed to restripe again. 

I was wanting to go with the original Shelby American stripes, but they are very expensive.  Has anyone used American Muscle's?  Any other places?


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What Jeff said! But if it were me, and it once was, I would paint the stripes, especially if you plan on keeping the car. But definitely put the stripes back on. Whether you put the stripes around the scoop or not is your call, based on time and effort.

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This is what another member did with 10" matte stripes from AM, and painted the scoop (page 3-4 I think), for an additional choice.

Personally, I have a stripe delete black SGT, and like the look.

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