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Clutch and flywheel problem

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Does anyone know what build date on 09 KR’s with the new flywheel . The old flywheel will eventually warp with temp causing a lot of problems . Want to avoid this problem . 


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Thanks ViperNC. I did some more research and it looks like all builds from 8/19/08 on have the new flywheel..

Looking at a 09 KR with 1500 miles on her. I just need to get the build date tomorrow. It’s got a vin # that tells me it’s close to a 10/08 or later build date after looking at grabbers work on this. There is also a way to look and see if it has the new flywheel. No holes when viewing threw the bottom of the bell housing will also tell .

Grabber spent a great deal of time on this subject. Hats off to him. This forum is awesome in so many ways. 

Edit .. all 09KR’s were built after 8/19/08. I checked out #0003 and it was built  9/08.  

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On 7/4/2018 at 7:12 AM, ViperNC said:

I think it was after August of 2008 when they corrected the issue on all GT500's including the KR's.  


Yup, that is what I recall from earlier threads...

FWIW, my April 08 build got 32k on the odo before I had to replace. And I DROVE that KR (and still do, HARD)

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I have an earlier 08 and the clutch had a cool hissing sound when depressed.  It had chatter within the second year (09-10) and I had the TSB done (Thanks Grabber for all that information).  Still running strong and its 2019.


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