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Eagles Canyon Track Day June 23rd


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Eagles Canyon is having their monthly track day on June 23rd (0800 - 1700) and I plan on being their for my first spin at this track. Info on their track day is here: http://eaglescanyon.com/track-info/track-days/ and their calendar is here: http://eaglescanyon.com/calendar/ . 



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I didn't make it up in June, but I was able to make it this past weekend. Great time, great facility, but incredibly hot. Here are a couple videos from my first time at the track. Best if listened to with high volume to hear the joyous music from the exhaust. 


Fastest Lap 2.13


Full session:


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Looks like you were having a pretty good time. There is definitely some talk with the local (DFW) Shelby folks about doing another track day at EC sometime in the fall, or whenever they open back up. I know a few folks are going to MSR Cresson mid September.

Keep an eye on the Team Shelby FB pages also for track opportunities:


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