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The winter is thawing and time to get the horses out and let them run. I am new to Colorado and in between Denver and Colo Springs so where might you Shelby and Mustang owners go and where do all the car guys hang out?


I know the Rocky Mountain Roundup is coming in June but why do they schedule that the same weekend of the Mid America Shelby Meet in Tulsa?

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The "Colorado Shelby Breakfast Club" is down in that area.  Search for contact info here.

Look in this subforum for my posts.  I used to post lots of show info.  Almost all of those shows still run. 

Remember the Shelby American Collection party.  It will be 9/1/18 along with a drawing for the GT350R.

Don't you mean why does Mid America schedule on the same weekend as the Rocky Mountain Roundup?  :)

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The groups/shows I went to were in Northern Colorado (Boulder/Longmont/Loveland/Ft. Collis/Greeley/Estes Park). The only one I can remember is the Northern Colorado Mustang Car Club. They do a show that used to be at the outlet mall in Loveland.  Another one did the Horsefeathers show at Stapleton.


Maybe someone else can find a list, but the others are here, and you can search for them on your clock instead of mine :)  Just look in this subforum at the titles for the show events for the past years.  I posted links in the past.    For the record, I don't find roofers and get background checks either :)

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