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Brakes Upgrade

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Others may disagree but when I faced this exact issue (supercharged SGT), I researched all the brakes, talked with some who tracked their cars and concluded that AP Racing brakes were my best bet.  You are prudent to get brakes that can stop a car that can top 170 mph (as mine has done at Terlingua).  I have tracked my car many times and the brakes have never once let me down, even the one time I went waaaay too deep into a corner on a track (chasing a new Boss 302).  I put big brakes all the way around as I believe you need a balanced package for best results.

But, as I said, others may differ.  They are not inexpensive but, then again, neither is your car.


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Unless you track the car it is doubtful you would stress the original brakes enough to justify an upgrade.  They are pretty robust and I never detected any fade in "spirited mountain driving".

Note: some brake packages require changes to wheels too.

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12 hours ago, Bishop #0447 said:

So I am getting a supercharged application soon. What kind of upgrade in brakes should I be looking at or should I be fine. I just want to keep it on the safe side just in case.

This has been discussed numerous times and it really depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend.  a good first step is stainless steel brake lines, better fluid, better pads and you can up grade the rotors is you wish and this allow you to keep your original wheels.

If you want to go big brakes then you probably will have to do a wheel change and lots of options for big brakes from GT500 Brembo take offs, Baer, Wilwood and Vorshlag has good all have good options

I went down the route of Wilwood and 07 GT500 OEM wheels







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Like the others said, unless tracking it, not really an issue...  better pads will decrease your stopping distance more then anything else, BUT even that is going to be limited by your tire choice.   If you can lock up your tires with your stock setup, then tires are your weak link first.  You will get lots of dust and some noise with "good" performance pads though...  

Bigger brakes mostly help with heat management and super sticky tires needing lots of repeated braking for every curve of a track...  street driving won't need this generally....  even stopping from 170mph once is unlikely to boil your fluid or fade your pads...  do it a few times back to back and then there are issues..

But they also look really cool soooooooooo :)

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I've got the Shelby Wilwood's on my car and tracked several times.  With the cooling vents completed in addition, I never experienced brake fade once.  I did break a carbon driveshaft accelerating hard out of the final corner though... :whistling:

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