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The car in the garage looks black, are those the same cars?  Personally if I bought that car the last thing I would do is Mod it, I would drive it for a while and more then likely keep it stock for a long time.  Is it the 525HP or the 624HP?


Nice Car!!!  I like it just the way it is!!!


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Before adding options, what do you have on the GT350 now?  Considering it's heritage, installed upgrades over a standard Mustang GT and rarity of production, I would only consider SA factory available options, such as the Ford Racing Watts Link set up if you plan to take on a road course.  Then maybe the Shelby 1000 sound system, if not already in the car, for  blasting fun when you tire of the amazing exhaust tone.  Otherwise, I think that you will find what you have is more than adequate for performance, fun and complimentary looks.  Enjoy the ride!

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If you want to make some changes, without destroying the character of the car, but personalizing for yourself, here's a couple:

Hood struts, color coordinated of course, so you don't have to use the rod to hold the hood up (just be sure to get the correct ones so they're strong enough to hold that monster of a hood).

A brushed aluminum ( or chrome if you prefer) shorty antenna to get rid of that rubber thing stuck on the back fender.

A carbon fiber radiator cover to replace the stock ford cover.

Just some quick thoughts for ya'.............

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5 hours ago, Tonyjp said:

11.2 @ 128 mph. I have done an auto swap, a forged short block and a built rear end. I will probably change blowers soon. I am on the smallest pulley 2.75”. It’s hard to go fast in Colorado. 

Nice job! That's a 9 second car at Atco!

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