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Dome Lights & Interior light color


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Hello all, 


I'm a long time ford Mustang guy, but I just purchased my first Shelby, a 2017 GT350 w/ the Convenience Package last weekend. I simply love this car.  

I do have a couple of questions though, likely due to my new entry to the Shelby family and not knowing any GT350 owners beyond myself.


Firstly, the dome lights do not seem to function.  I click the button, but they won't turn on.  I assume this is a fuse issue, but as I dig through the owners manual I'm not able to find a related fuse.  The closest thing I found was for something called a 'demand light', which sounds like something altogether different.   Any thoughts on this issue? 


Secondly, the lights in the vanity mirrors and the glove box glow blue.  I thought this was something I could simply set with a MyColor option for interior lighting, but I don't seem to have that option.  Do all of the 2017 GT350s have blue lights, or am I simply missing something? 


Thanks so much for any feedback! I look forward to chatting with you all in the coming months! 



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Did you buy it used?  It does sound like the bulbs were replaced and the dome(interior) lights were set to "dark car" with Forscan or another program to turn off the lights at all times.  There is a loooooong thread on Mustang 6G that covers using Forscan extensively.  https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61884

It may be of some help.  

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I did find it used with a few miles on it. That said, I pulled 5he map light assembly down and found that the bulbs had been removed. Additionally, the glove compartment light had been replaced with a blue led bulb. The same is surely the case with the vanity lights. /sigh 


I didn't even think to look at the vanity mirrors. One of them is even shattered. There must have been some crazy makeup application happening between 3rd and 4th gear happening for that to happen.  ;)

Suppose they did it when they were replacing the vanity bulbs. So strange... 

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