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2019 GT350


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The only modern car that ford produced for two years was the Boss,Ford GT and the SGT. That I’m aware of. Yeah the 07 Shelby GT500 had most people thinking it would be a two year run. It took over a year before those adm’s went away. Sore subject for sure. 

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16 hours ago, BIKEBOY said:

Not one bit surprised Tim.  Shades of the ‘07 GT500 :airquote: Limited Qty. :airquote: 



Edit- You do know you’re opening Pandora’s Box with this thread?

I shoulda been clear Tim..... I’m not complaining, as my car is still going to be very unusual. Track Pack, Avalanche Grey, Blue Stripe. And haven’t seen yet if the Avalanche might be done. I can only hope for that. :thumbsup:

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Where did Ford say that the GT500 would be a 2 year run? I've never seen or heard that, only here on Team Shelby. And why would Ford do that? Design a high performance Mustang from scratch only to make it limited?

I think it's great to have another year run of such an exceptional vehicle like the modern GT350.

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