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Gt500 tune


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My experience with a Lund tune:  You have to purchase an nGauge to perform data logging which you email back to  Lund when you purchase a tune. 

Running WOT in third gear will get you well over any legal speed limit on the street. If you go to a dyno shop, they will charge you $$$ for three pulls, and some won't do it - they make their revenue performing the tune.  So I donated over $600 to Lund and ended up finding a great local tuner when I tried to find a dyno only shop. I think Lund now has "affiliate" dyno shops around the country that will provide the dyno service for a fee, and upload the logging.  I sent one WOT pull back to Lund, got pulled over by the Sheriff on the second WOT attempt with a warning (my Veteran's plates helped but I digress), and went to two local tuners in the end. Both obtained the same end result (793 RWHP).  So I think at least three dyno logging sessions are needed to get to the end tuning result.  You purchase and use Lund's " nGauge to perform the data logging.  Nice tool, but another $579 on top of the tune and the dyno charges.

And understand you are dealing with Mr. Lund's son.  Mr. Lund Sr is back flying helicopters for a living. Lund III does a great job, just understand that in addition to purchasing the tune you will either need a place to pull WOT logging runs either on the street or a dyno and purchase an nGauge.  Good Luck!!


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