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Traction Control GT-H

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It's been a long time since I read about this, so hopefully someone can direct me to the threads. We all know that Hertz fooled around with the TSC button to keep you from turning it off. If I remember, it was something simple, like a clip behind the push button. Can someone remind me how to take this out. And how do I know TSC is off? - little yellow light on the button? Casey

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Will the traction control light go on and off if the clip is still in there?  I am the  first owner and did not remove it.  I don't want to try to pull the button off unless I am sure the clip is still under there.  When I push on the botton, the TCS  light goes on and off.

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I agree with QSS..... by your description it sounds as though the clip was removed sometime in the past. Just as QSS described, the switch could not be depressed with the clip in place.  If you've never seen one, this is what the clip looks like.  (apologies for the poor quality photo)

TCS clip.jpg

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1 hour ago, QuickSilverShelby said:

Sounds like your clip is not there.  When it was there in my car, the TC light did not turn off or on.  Once I removed my clip then the light functioned normally.



Yes, the light would not go on if the clip was in place.

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