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Shelby Europe first footsteps in Europe


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Shelby Europe is having a party to celebrate the official first footsteps of Shelby American on European soil. Shelby is expanding their wings and will appear on the Essen Motor Show.


If you are feeling a bit blue about not attending the Shelby Europe launch along with Aaron Shelby, Tracey L Smith and Gary Patterson in Essen this week, here is a peek at what MAY be seen at the show... If you ARE going to be at the show, we will hold a presentation in the Shelby booth (Hall 3, B151) on Friday at 3 pm, as well as have a great invitation only party on Saturday night. We look forward to seeing fellow Team Shelby members there!


22538594_10210415219563399_1436631134313829455_o.jpg 24068281_10210674125628852_5272453629039490479_n.jpg

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Why are you posting this info so late? How can it be that here in TS an information about such a significant event is announced only 2 days in advance? Neither here nor on the website of SA, it was considered necessary to give in advance an info to give interested people the opportunity to schedule the appointment in time and make a hotel reservation. That's what I call bad service, thank you and have fun. Greetings from a frustrated German longtime owner.

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Slowman. This event invitation was distributed three months ago to several German forums and Mustang clubs. F.e. HOS and German GT500 forum. Many knew about this a long time ago. Sorry to hear that you have not heard about this earlier.


Thanks for the reply.


Unfortunately, this does not answer the question why such an important information concerning the Shelby brand is not posted here under "Team Shelby Regional Groups" / "European Union".


For what, if not for such kind of info, this section should be finally exist?


Don't you think that it is a bit strange that you refer to other forums in this forum?


BTW, not every Shelby Owner ist a member of the German forums. I know quite a few. And there will be reasons for that.

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Thanks for a great weekend in Essen at the motorshow with the Team Shelby Family.

A big thanks to our Scandinavian Director that invited and included us in this happening, and of course everybody involved in the Europe kick off.

Great meeting and talking to Gary, Tracey, Scott, Aaron, Jim, Patrick, Volkhard, Alex, Chuck and all other great people.

Shelby and Team Shelby is truly a group of great people, wishing for big sucess with Shelby in Europe.








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It was a great event and good to get the new European network of regional directors and the Shelby Europe dealers together. I look forward to working with my Team Shelby, Shelby American and GU Autotrade colleagues to make 2018 a fantastic year.

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