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New 2014 gt350 purchase help

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Hi everyone, Im new at the forum and happy to join. Im looking to buy one of the gt350 buy back cars but it is way too far to see it in person or test drive it. I live in Florida and the car is in Kansas. Also they have made a note that auto check has the car reported with frame damage at auction but the dealer claims that is wrong and the car is like new under with pics to prove it. They say that is reported that way due to Shelby altered suspension. The car has 375 miles. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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This car is one I was considering when I purchased the buyback car I ended up with. (2014 GT350 #92) I believe that it probably dosent have frame damage. (Does it have a salvage title?) My advise would be to make a deal that is based on you inspecting the car at purchase. They have reduced the price on this car and will probably take a little less! The story on my car was it sat in the sun in Vegas for 2 years, then shipped to Detroit and sat for 9 months before it was auctioned off. It still has 1 1/2 years left of factory warranty. My car looks and runs like new! Only minor issues.....fade spots on the wheels and faded clearcoat on black paint between taillights. I am super happy with the purchase of this car. There is another one for sale at Jefferson Motor Co in Georgia......White with blue stripes.

My opinion is that once these buyback cars are sold, the prices will stabilize you wont see many for sale. Good luck!

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