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750HP Shelby F-150 vs. 525HP Shelby Baja Raptor - Drag race video

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The ONLY reason I will defend the Raptor and its blow dryer 6-banger is the Raptor's suspension is really an off-road setup and the Foxes are tuned for that when the F150 is more street tuned. I thought the 10spd Automatic would have helped I guess not. Hey Ford, your Eco-boost got chewed up so they better hope Dodge don't release that Raptor killer they showed awhile back

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The Raptor was up against a supercharged Coyote (very formidable combo, even in a truck, I have seen them run mid-11's in an F150) and did pretty well, my guess about 7-tenths behind the 750HP F150 so yeah, the Raptor did pretty awesome with its V6 10-speed off-road setup, complete with 2 large full size spare-tire/wheels in the back! The new Raptor would have easily destroyed its V8 predecessors.

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Pretty stupid race honestly, anyone that couldnt predict that outcome doesnt know cars, or in this case trucks. This is like racing a 2014 GT500 against a regular GT.


Both cool trucks, but way over priced in my opinion. If money was disposable I guess in that case it wouldnt matter.

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