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Alcantara Interior


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I just bought a 2017 GT350. I know I said in previous posts I was not interested but the deal I got and the way the car handles got me hooked.


What should you use to maintain the Alcantara Interior?



Best way is to not spill anything on it or get into the car while you are dirty or sweaty. Best way to clean alcantara is with a wet (not soaking wet) rag and some patience. Don't scrub the soil or stain, but rather wipe it continuously in the same direction. Vacuum as much as you can prior and do not use cleaning solutions as they will create stains you can't get out. Water does the trick every time for me.

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Sonax has a cleaner specifically made for Alcantara. I've been using it for about a year now on my Boss 302 and have been pretty pleased with the results. My Boss gets driven quite a bit, so cleaning the steering wheel of normal body oils and so forth is important to me.

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Or do like BB does...........................................................................don't drive it. :hide:



Must be like a museum in your garage! Do you at least sit in them and make "vroom-vroom" noises? (I do that when it's raining.....I'm not proud) ?














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back to topic..........


You can listen to anecdotal information or you can go directly to Alcantara’s website and print out their exact guideline for what to do in regard to maintaining/cleaning your Alcantara.




enjoy your ride.

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