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Any more news on the 2018???

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Are they finally going to offer different wheel finish choices? I can not stand black wheels, they look decent when clean, but that lasts about 1 day. And the scratches they show annoys the crap out of me. I will never have another black car and after having black wheels I would rather not have them either.


I am curious to see the Orange Fury color......


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If you check the Ford site, they'll be offering a number of wheel options on the '18, I believe 6, and several of them are really sharp.




I just went on the Ford site and they offer the same as LY, just the Black. Are you talking about the GT or the GT350? This is the GT350 section, that is what I am referencing.

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Thats correct, only one wheel for the 18GT350. Ford does offer alot of great options for the 18 GT's. I almost ordered one with Magnaride, active exhaust, Brembo's etc and saved the $11,000.

They also elongated the front end like the Shelbys and tweaked the fuel injection system. Very nice car for the $$$.

Still wont hit 8200 RPM, and doesn't scream Shelby..worth the bucks in my camp.

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