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GT-E owners, I have some questions please

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Hi there,


I was looking to see if someone could help answer some quick questions I have. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the upgraded Katzkin leather seats either Recaro or Standard. I'm kind of curious what the leather Recaros look like. It seems trying to find pictures of the interior are very hard to come by.


Also, are the stripes painted on or are they vinyl? From the pictures in the press release, it looks like they are painted on, but I don't know if that changed with the production versions.

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Are you thinking of getting one? I seen the GT-E unveil in Indy. Good looking car. I'm sure Chris Rudy could answer all these questions for you. I've only seen the vinyl stripes but maybe you could get them painted. On the 2017 SS it's a $7g + option for painted stripes. The leather seats are amazing if you have either standard or Recaro. Katzkin is the leather and it very nice. Lots of seat options.

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First, I have to sell my Boss, but that is my plan.


I'm stuck on a 13/14 GT500 or the GT-E as to what I want to replace it with. Right now I'm currently at ~570HP with the Boss which is roughly the same power as the GT500, but the GT500 is FI and the Boss is all motor so the power delivery is much different despite somewhat equal power numbers. With the GT-E I would be way down on power as I don't think the supercharger options are within my budget at the moment, but it is an honest to god Shelby which I have wanted. I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the GT-E though.

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SHELBY BLU is our Lightning Blue 2017 Shelby GTE Ecoboost Premium Coupe that was just converted by Chris Ruby @Shelby American, LVN two weeks ago.   We got super lucky and found a "brand new" 2017 Ecoboost Pony Package with only 80 miles on it as a donor car this past December 2019.   The Recaro seats look great and feel even better with the new "SHELBY" interior.  Those seats just make the Shelby Experience that much better as they gently hug you and keep you from moving around, so to speak.   nascarbilly



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