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Awesome footage of a Shelby GT350R...WIth some pointers on ownership.

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Hmmmm..... I guess you have to buy that special tire change machine when you get the GT350R since nobody has one and won't touch the wheels to change the tires. :whistling:

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While I never considered the R, I suspect that's a real problem at the consumer level. Maybe more visits to the tire trailer at nat'l events would solve that. That's really not a solution, so I can appreciate his frustration. No one wants that liability, especially a mom-pop shop.

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While I'm not discounting this owners opinions I always find it odd when someone purchases a high performance car and then complains about items that give the car its high performance.


Just think if he had purchased a 2016 Mustang V6 instead. He would have gotten a higher ride height, he would have gotten cheaper to replace tires, he would not have to clean road debris from the rocker cladding and he would have paid under MSRP. So all of his concerns would have been addressed with a different model but he chose not to go with a V6 Mustang, he wen't with the highest performing Mustang ever built. That's called a trade-off.


When it comes to the tire changing why not just go to the Ford dealership? Who cares if they don't have the machine recommended by the wheel maker, they sold you the car let them figure out how to change the tires. If you notice the wheel maker is only recommending a certain machine they are not saying that machine is mandatory. There are plenty of "touch-less" tire machines out there that can do the job. If these touch-less machines can change tires on 28 year old Shelby plastic wheels used on the 1989 Shelby CSX without damage they should be able to change tires on much stronger 6 month old CF wheels.


In the end it does seem he's happy with his GT350R.



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I tried and tried to buy a GT350 and ran into that darn ADM everywhere I looked. Thank goodness I ran into Shelby American at Barrett-Jackson Phoenix this past January. Super Snake, a little more than MSRP for a gt350 (like you could get one for MSRP), and that 670 SUPERCHARGED horsepower, on tap from the ground up. Oh, and metal wheels. And the looks!

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