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07 gt 500 6 lbs of boost max?

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So I just recently bought an 07 gt500 with 13,700 miles. The car appears all stock besides a short throw shifter, k/n intake, and some trash mufflers that I've already swapped out for KR mufflers. My question is, so far under no condition will the car exceed 6 lbs of boost(by the factory gauge). I live in nc and the temperatures have been anywhere from 90-95 peak and humid. I even tried early morning with temps in the 70s and the results were the same. The car pulls strong, im just curious as I know these cars should make 8-9 lbs stock? Thanks.

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That factory guage is not known to be very accurate. If your really concerned that something is wrong I would install a mechanical boost guage. Otherwise, if the car runs well with no issues I wouldn't worry about it. GL, Duane.

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