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hood pin, installation... no GT500 instructions

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Hey Guyz, just want to make everyone aware that I recently ordered a hoodpin kit and the optional GT500 bolt kit, so I could install hoodpins on my 2008 GT500. I got no instructions with the bolt kit and the only instructions I got was specific to the GT. Not knowing I was missing the correct instructions, I cut my radiator cover so the metal mounting plates could slide thru the radiator cover. However, you cant use the measurements supplied. basically, I used a dremel tool and cut my notches right on the outside edge of the radiator cover and this allows the tabs to slide thru the radiator cover.

This past weekend, I happened to find some actual GT500 installation instructions, which shows not using the mounting plates at all. Instead, mount the hood pins where the rubber bumpers sit. So, now I am not sure which way I should mount the hood pins. If I use the GT500 mounting instructions, I will lose the bumpers that support the hood and keep it level. Has anyone mounted their hood pins on their GT500, using the GT plates, instead of the holes where the bumpers mount?

BTW, I called shelby parts and complained. I never received any GT500 instructions with either kit. Had it not been for finding these instructions on another forum, I could have ruined my hood. Shelby parts group said, wasn't their responsibility. I cut the notches in my radiator cover , based off their instructions. The only instructions I did receive.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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The SPP website does show instructions for the GT500 cars using the "bumper" holes in the radiator support, see link below. Not sure if this is what you found elsewhere.





Don't know what to say about your phone conversation though. Did you try reaching out to the department head of SPP?



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I elected to go with using the 2 center bumper location, rather than the bumpers located on the side of the hood. I think these will keep the hood from damage, if its released with the pins in place. Plus, it actually looks better on the car. I have seen pictures, where others have done the same. Now my only problem is the hood pins are now about an inch too short. I am desperate for a couple of 1/2"-20 stainless hood pins that are 5 or 6" in length, instead of the factory 4" post. Any help would be greatly appreciated...fellows :)

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I completed mine and i think the center location is a superior placement. Plus, popping the hood latch, with the pins installed won't damage the hood. I used some of the parts from the shelby kit, but added some parts from my local hardware to make my hood pins more secure.

I cant figure out how to upload a pic to this site?

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