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2009 red shelby kr for sale

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well,,i found another car, 70 boss 302 , so one has to go,,Shelby KR imported to Canada -49 silver,41 black,24 blue and 16 red total 130 , believed to be last red one built,number 706! have shelby documentation and its registered with shelby america, have window stickers and doc's,

Colorado Red with Silver Strips: 1 of 16 3895 Kilometers - 2420 Miles, have extra 2 rims, front carbon splitter, carbon mirror covers, red shelby kr shifter, faux rear gas cap, 5 rim centers, package of kr fluid caps, painted rear spoiler, underneath cover, extra floor mats, one silver and one black shelby kr gas cover, hood locks, plus extra i bought when i could as many parts before they were gone,,these parts will offered first to the buyer for a agreed sum if doesn't want then offering to the members,,the car is professional polished every spring and looks great with my 69 mach1 428 but one has to go ,,I'm asking 45,000 US


it is easy to take this shelby into the states as the 2009 was the only year the kr's were allowed in canada,,so they are registered to import export ,,check RIV website



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