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Any White Shelby Dakota's for sale?

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a little more info on our truck

purchased not running, was told fuel pump, found entire sending unit was completely rotted away, sent off to a rebuilder in new York

now has new sender

new fuel pump

all new lines

new injectors

new plugs, wires, cap, rotor and PCM

new upper,lower rad hoses and heater hoses, correct corbin clamps

new master cylinder, pads, rotors, calipers and shoes

body had zero rust upon disassembly and no dents

underside completely pressure washed, treated and undercoated

missing light bar but have found one in Alabama and purchased

light bar is now at body shop with truck and will have fresh paint, new decal kit

interior near perfect and will be steam cleaned

will have all new rubbers complete kit

will have new front and rear windshields

will have correct Goodyear tires

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I have 2 89 dodge shelby decotas 1 white one and 1 red one the red one has new exaust new brakes the white one has a complete new rebuild on the original engine and transmission tbe both rum vert good the interior s are very nice on both the white one is missing the light bar the red one is missing the rear bumper but both are in great shape and both just ran out on the registration s and im not going to renew im keeping them parked until there sold but they could be repainted with new decals to look brand new you can call me at 510-715-6621 david discounted for both remember theres only 400 white ones i have it thank you

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