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Best High-Gloss Tire Dressing


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Good evening, Team Shelby Members.


I am curious as to what everyone's opinion is related to the best tire dressing for the Shelby. I would like one that provides a deep high-gloss look that keeps its "wet look" for a decent period of time.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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I don't really have an answer for a High Gloss tire dressing, since I prefer against it.


My favorite was RüGlyde, but I haven't seen it around for years although I see it is still available. It's a kind of soapy lubricant/cleaner often used in the tire-mounting process. A good cleaning with that or any automobile washing product will make the tires look like tires, and not like plastic wheels on a kid's toy.


What I used most recently, when there were no time constraints, was Armorall. Clean the tires, spray or brush on a generous amount and let it sit and bond overnight. Wipe it down with a lint-free cloth, and it's a kind of semi-gloss looking surface. Stays clean for a while.

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go to Autogeek.com it used to be under the DP label now it has the guy's name on it by far the best. NO Silicone and that is the key. This stuff won't fling off, won't come off in the rain, won't turn tire brown, not sticky so won't gather up dirt. I've actually washed the tire and it stayed on


NO Spray-on dressing that stuff is crap

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