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My baby won't start

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In spite of the test I still suspect the battery.

Easiest way to test the battery is to turn on the headlights and crank the engine, if the headlights go dim you need to replace the battery. Unless the battery is relatively new, you might be able to charge the battery. Relatively new to me is under 18 months.



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Do a battery amp load test to see if it is healthy. Voltage reading is useless. Then check to see if the alternator is working properly. If just one diode is out, you will not get full output. Bottom line is that I also suspect the battery being too old, too under rated(amperage), or having a cracked plate. Also check, as mentioned, starter relay and fuses.

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I'm really stupid when it comes to car mechanics where would I find the ground wire plus it won't even jump now

If you have been jump starting the vehicle that can sometimes fry a fuse. You are admittedly not very knowledgeable, so if I were you, at this point I would either have somebody who is knowledgeable come check the car out or have it towed to a qualified dealer and have it properly checked out before you perhaps do further damage to the vehicle. Best of luck to you and let us know what was causing the issue.

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Anything on ODB II? Might show a code. I wouldn't do a lot of jump starts with todays cars and their low voltage computers. It could fry something and make matters worse. Recommendation for an auto electrical shop or a reliable Ford dealer service dept. might be the best way to resolve the issue. :cool:

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