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SS Package

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I figure I have $60k into the car stock. If I add a good exhaust, CAI, and a tune, it should be close to 575HP. I figure about another $1200 should do it for awhile. I am not racing John Force anytime soon but who knows?



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I am in for 700 hp +.


I will be bringing the car back to MN and as I am not using a dealer I will have no warranty anyway.


Besides wha is wrong with having the baddest Mustang in town ?


By the way Amy , I appreciate your comments and endeavours to maintain the integrity of the Shelby Brand and the Super Snake in particular. This is what makes it valuable to me.

It is not about resale - it is about me realising a dream to own a genuine Shelby motor car.


Oh boy. It is like waiting for Christmas. Call me soon !!

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