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Leaking clutch cylinder?

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So, this morning, wife was going in Mustang while I ran errands that demanded the truck, but when she went to start it, it lurched. That ain't supposed to happen! She tried it again and it did it again. She finally wrenched it out of reverse, started it and drove away normally........then I noticed this puddle in the garage floor. Clutch cylinder fluid? Of course it happened on Friday. I can't call dealer until Monday...........


Whaddya think?




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$927 to replace the leaking clutch slave cylinder......."We'll check with the warranty (that I purchased from them), but I think that's a maintenance item, and probably not covered." The slave cylinder is a maintenance item????? Yeah, if I had fried the clutch doing donuts and burn outs, I'd not say a word about replacing the clutch itself--maintenance, but the hydraulic slave cylinder?????? We gonna go to the reeeeeeal fine print on this one.


On the other hand, the trans was rebuilt under warranty with less than 6000 miles on it--cost me zero. Just before the original warranty ran out (and there was that wonderful TSB), the original iron-leg clutch was replaced with the 2010+ unit and made my car a dream to drive--cost me zero as well. Knock on wood, I've done nothing to the car except tires, alignment, oil changes......I haven't even changed the factory wiper blades!



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