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Took the car for a nice drive today!!!!

William Rodgers

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I took the car for its first nice drive of 2017, it has just over 22K miles so averaging about 2500 miles per year. Every time I drive it clarifies why I have owned this car longer then any other, it is so good in every way. The exhaust note is addicting, and when I do not want to hear that the Shelby Kicker system that replaced the Mach 1000 is unreal. It has enough power to have as much fun on the street then you could ever ask for, and the handling for a solid rear is outstanding!!!!


Interior Upgrade next then painted stripes. After that just maintenance and driving!!!

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I took mine out yesterday, a few days after my new hood scoop was installed, which is beautiful. I went to a car show just as a spectator, that car drew tons of attention I probably would have won :).


The GT/SC is one incredible car. I think about selling it but I ask, what could I get for the what I could sell it for that would compare...Nothing. These GT/SC's are one of the baddest out of the box street machines ever. I just enjoy the hell out of it.

BTW- 1706 miles now.

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Took mine out today, not for the first time - but the open road kind. :shift: Still a bit cool here so not much spirited driving yet, needs to warm up a little more to stick. Still gets my heart beating every time I take it out :)

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