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2016 GT350 Oil Consumption


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So like everyone else , I've heard the scuttle butt on the interwebisphere about these new cars using as much as a quart between oil changes.


I have an appt. for next week to have my oil cooler hose replaced. While at the stealer making the appt. , the svc. advisor warned me that "these cars burn a quart of oil between changes, and to keep an eye on it."


Well, for me at least, at exactly 750 miles on mine the crankcase level is at the top of the hash mark on the stick. I was very pleased to see this after hearing all the negative BS. I waited till 500 miles to rev past 5K, and did the up and down the revs and stayed off cruise control until then. The past 250 miles I've been up to 7500 three times. And hover near 5K through MOST driving conditions.....because I can :lol: AND because it sounds bitchin'.


I wonder if this is a true problem, or another urban legend?


I'd like to hear some other real world experiences. :salute:

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I saw this on a carfax while looking a used 2016.



Ford Motor Company




Manufacturer Customer Satisfaction Program issued on 04/03/2017 It also mentioned a complimentary oil filter wrench program #17B04

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