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Sanding Supercharger Logos


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After a long winter of cold and snow and with plenty of time to play with my Mustangs in the garage, I decided to do some upgrades to my Shelby. After adding some new Moroso tanks and covers, strut tower caps, JLT catch can, GT500 coil covers from the Shelby store, (Steeda springs and Hawk pads are ready to go on next week) etc etc., I wanted to pull it all together by painting the logos on my supercharger in blue to match the engine bay mods I did. So I brought the car to my paint guy and had him paint the logos. When completed, neither of us liked it. It seemed to much, didn't flow with the other mods in our opinion. So he told me that I could sand down the logos with sandpaper and the will polish up like my other mods under the hood! With no experience doing this before with sanding aluminum, I taped around the logos, grabbed the 2 sanding blocks I have, and went to scratching away at the aluminum. I used 220 grit, then went to 400,600 800, 1000, 1500,2000,2500, and finished it with 3000 grit paper. After about 10 hours, a lot of nerves, here are some before and after pics of my project. I might go at it one more time but after 10 hours I had enough !


IMG 0715

IMG 0716

IMG 0717

IMG 0719

IMG 3794

IMG 0730

IMG 0735

IMG 3802

IMG 3805

IMG 3801

IMG 3802


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Looks really nice.wouldn't electric sander work


It might have but wasn't going to take that approach having never done it before. The logos are part of the lines on the supercharger, everything needed to be taped off in fear of hitting those lines and scratching them. If I did there was no going back to recoat the epoxy from the factory, so using any type of tool other than my hand was not going to work. It was a one shot deal with this, so I did my best with no tools.

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Well worth the effort , looks great.......................now paint your rusty EGR valve


Just noticed that...next on my list after the new brake pads and lowering springs.

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Yes but most people would not spend the time to sand & polish their 5.8 emblems. One less thing for a critic to find fault with.


The fact that most people would not spend the time to polish their 5.8 emblems is exactly why I polished them instead of painting them. Its all in the details. How do I get that rusty egr valve off , man that looks bad !

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