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What is it worth

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I am thinking about buying this 2007 SS. It has 17,000 miles on it and shows a lot of wear for the milage. It is a base SS with no options.

What would you pay???

I am torn between this an a regular 2014 GT500 vert with nav.











605hp Super Snakes are a tough sell, what was at the time a lot of hp is now not so much. If it was me I would go with the 662hp 2014 GT500 and consider Super Snaking that car to 850hp in the future.


How much is this car worth is a tough question. What's that saying that a car is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept.



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If a choice of the two for the same $? 2014, no question what so ever. At least not for me. So much more potential with the 14.


^^^^^I agree with Jeff^^^^^^


Not to be mean or anything, but if the 2007 605hp Super Snake coupe owner is asking $$$ in the same range as a 2014 vert., they are dreaming. The 605's have been well into the lower $40K's for quite some time with some now not getting out of the $30K's, and with damage? I don't think a person could touch a 2014 vert. for those kind of $$$ unless it also has not been taken care of and also has a pile of miles.


If the asking money is even, the 662 without question, if the 605 Super Snake coupe is well below the 2014 vert. in $$$ (and we are talking a lot below), then it will first of all depend upon the OP's choice of an older coupe over a newer vert.


There has been soooo much technology and performance change since 2007, and I own a 2008..............


The Super Snake is definitely unique, but once the Ford assy. line built a 662hp production car, 605/630 does not seem so "Super". Now, 725, 750, 800, 850? we are still now 10 years later waiting for a production GT500 to meet and/or exceed even the lower of that hp level, and it for sure will not be a Ford assy. line S197 platform car that holds that torch...............


Like I said at the beginning.............."not to be mean", but that is just reality.






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Well the 2014 I was looking at sold. The 07 SS is priced about 10k less than the 2014 was.


I will keep looking I guess.


If this 2007 Super Snake would have been a 725/750 option, that would be a different deal, but not the entry level 6xx hp when compared to a 2013/14.


I remember many Super Snake buyers worried about losing their powertrain warranty if they chose the 725 option back in the day, my thoughts and statements back then on that mindset was that their car will be an entry level 6xx hp for the rest of its life, long after the warranty has expired....................


It was only a $4K difference in the early years between 605 ($27,995) and 725 ($31,995), and now there is usually a much wider price difference between those two levels when these cars come up for sale. I have seen 725's coming down in $$$ recently, just like all of the other GT500's from this time period, a good deal on a 725 may pop up?


Another head scratcher for me was the Eibach coilover option....................<<It was a $100 option over the FRPP suspension that was the standard install on a Super Snake...............I mean, coilovers for $100 additional dollars????? It was a no-brainer for me to check that box. Now the $1300 additional dollars for a Polished KB option vs. the Black KB standard...........that hurt a little bit!






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