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Anyone of our team members own 2007 GT-H #387? We own Shelby GT #387 which I drive and I would like to purchase 2007 Shelby GT-H #387 for my wife's birthday if possible.





I checked the Shelby American Registry database and it doesn't appear that anyone has ever registered 07H0387 with us. If you click on the link below you will find a 2008 Team Shelby thread with 07H0387's VIN number shown in it. Perhaps running a CarFax report will give you some clues to the whereabouts of 07H0387.





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I am from van. Canada and have 014 07, and had it since 2010. the only other one I have sean at shows up here is number 013,and last I heard he was selling it last year,and two 2006 around not the one you are looking for sorry. now I have retiered and move out of town,waiting for summer still a foot of snow,and downsized my herd,just 67 coupe,03 mach1 and the hertz


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I have a 2007 GTH CONVERTIBLE. For sale. I have owned it since 2008. Never used in rental fleet. #269. Purchased it in Las Vegas. Mint condition with 4000 miles on it. It is stored inside a heated shop and with a car cover on it. I changed the wheels and tires on it. A 4 K extra. I have the orinal also stored inside. If interested text me. Alberta Canada 403-350-4726. Mike

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