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2017 Shelby Street Performance Truck?


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Truck? Did someone say Shelby truck?


Officially SAI has not publicly announced anything but just like previous Team Shelby Bash events perhaps attendees got a sneak peak at a future Shelby vehicle.



Guess i will keep sitting and waiting for something magically to happen :cool:

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I was at the Bash dinner when SA made the announcement that the street truck would be built. A specific timeline was not provided, but there were CAD mock-ups, and I agree that the truck looked very nice. No idea what the powerplant will be, as the off-road version is available with both a naturally aspirated and SC version

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I was at the Bash and seen this and asked someone I know with legitimate answers and what I got back was 2018 and 2wd, but also said nothing is guaranteed.


If this Shelby Truck does happen I'd prefer a 2-door because I want a performance truck not a luxury cruiser. Many Lightning owners said they wish they had a 4-door Lightning but then it doesn't become a 'Sport Truck' if its a big ol' heavy 4-door. SAI would be smart to offer it both in 4-door and 2-door versions. How many remember the Saleen S331 Truck? Those were all super cab and just looked odd but one thing for sure is those Saleen trucks have held their value so I hope we see this Shelby Sport Truck.


It seems the big issue on this is they can't find a name?? My first suggestion and someone inhouse brought it up is the Shelby Scorpion but it appears the Scorpion name is trademarked. I looked it up and some tiny ass company has it so if they tried they probably could get it. In my opinion getting the name right is key because we don't need more alphabet soup names

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