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Clunking suspension sound on left side 2013 GT 500


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Hi guys


I hope you can help.I have a 2013 GT 500 but it has a clunking suspension sound on the left side when i go over slowly over bumps.The car is all stock and has 14000km on it.please let me know what you think


Thank you Dan


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Couple different areas to check for loose connections:


- Strut and shock tower nuts

- Strut mounts are secure

- Springs are sitting securely in the mounts

- Sway bars linkage (D-Blocks)

- Sway bar end-links

- Panhard bar


Since you didn't specify front or back (sometimes it can be hard to tell since noise travel), these are pretty common area to check for loose connections. Sometimes it can help to have someone walk next to the car as you go over a bump to isolate the location better.


Good luck!

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My 14 does this on both sides.


The TSB does not apply to the Shelby. It is worded very poorly and should exclude the Shelby. When the control arms are ordered they are for the regular Mustangs. The Shelby has a completely different part # control arm.



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Hi guy


Thank you for the reply The noise comes from the front left side.The previous owner had the car in storage for over a year. i was wondering if anyone believe the stabilizer link might be the cause. This car is mint never been track and i have all the info from the dealership from previous owner. He took great care of the car.Was hopping i wouldn't have to drag it in the svt dealer shop lots of $$$$$ just to look at it. It has only 14000km about 9000miles. ANYOTHE IDEA'S WOULD BE APPRECIATED



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