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Good story here

Vegas Rich

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I was quite disappointed with the story, was the following really necessary?


Ol’ Shel signed the underside of Owen’s passenger’s-side visor—“I couldn’t bear having him scrawl all over the dash, which always looks to me like vandalism”—and Owen was surprised that Shelby didn’t extend a palm for payment. At the time, Shelby was partly supporting himself—à la Pete Rose—selling autographs on everything from mud flaps to 1966 seven-liter Ford Galaxies, a copy of which, sans autograph, Owen also owns.


And what purpose does it serve to make up this falsehood:

"Shelby was partly supporting himself—à la Pete Rose—selling autographs "


Carroll came out to Las Vegas around 1996, apparently Mr. Kelly does not know that Carroll was already extremely wealthy and didn't need autographs to support himself a la Pete Rose.

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Sorry guys, i jus toolin around and thought i found usefull/interesting reading... I'm sure SAI has right to contradict...As you were...cyas @ the bash:)

There's nothing to be sorry about and my reply was not intended towards you, my comments were directed at the owner and the magazine writer. You're more than welcome to continue posting magazine links like the one above but if someone is going to make untrue claims like this person made towards Carroll, well expect them to be fact checked.



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