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Pinion issues continue

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The good folks at SAI are doing some research to help me find out why I'm having pinion issues.


Since my SS upgrade (including 3.73 gear upgrade) I have had consistent issues, having to replace the front pinion seal several times. After one of the replacements, the pinion shattered and the gears had to replaced. Eventually I replaced the gears again with stock 3.31. Now my pinion seal is leaking again.


Some questions I am asking are:

Did SAI lower the motor to fit the 3.6L KB under the hood? If so, does this affect the pinion angle? Does the pinion angle have a certain spec for stock motor height, and does it need to be adjusted? Is there an SAI spec for pinion angles on '13 SS build? Or does it have to measured by technician installing new gears? Will adjustable upper control arms help the situation?


Any insights out there would be helpful.

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I don't recall the exact spec, but the pinion angle that I've seen is around 2 degrees. I don't remember off hand if that's positive or negative. If you have an adjustable upper control arm you can adjust it there. I've had pinion seals leak both around the flange and from the nut. Can you tell which yours is? You might get a better response if you post this in the GT500 modifications and tech section.

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