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2013 GT 500 failure

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I have a 2013 GT 500. Mod list: cobra jet throttle body, innovator west crank pulley, looks long tubes into kooks off- road X pipe itnto kooks mufflers,NGK TR7 plugs, Bob Kurgan tune, and Mickey Thompson 305 street radials. 700rwhp 721trq. I have 10,000 miles on my car. It's been down a drag strip twice. Best time was 10.8. Recently it was running a little off. Not bad, just enough to have it checked out before it turned into a problem. Took it to the performance shop and hooked the motor up to a computer and it showed nothing wrong. So I was on my way to the Ford dealership ship to see what they could do. Doing 80 in 5 gear, running smooth, and all of a sudden, poof!! A cloud of white smoke out the back. Had it towed the rest of the way. I got to ford put it on the lift and the block was cracked underneath on the drivers side. Service manager tried to help, but he said he has to send the computer to ford and they will see the tune and an inspector has to come out and look at the car. So basically it sounds like I voided the warranty on the motor and I'm shit out of luck. I drove the car and hot rodded it from time to time but never abused it. Anyone else experience this? Or know if I have a way around this?

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They have to honor your warranty unless they can prove a post-production modification caused the failure. They way the law is written, the burden of proof is on Ford. You don't have to prove mods didn't break it.

That said, they can flat out refuse to do anything, and wait for you to take them to court. Then it turns into who has the deeper pockets.

I went through this with a motorcycle. Spent $26,000+ on a suit for a $7,000 bike. For me, it was on principle. If you have the cash... push the issue if they don't play ball.

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I had an innovator west crank pulley on my first engine. It may have been the cause of its demise. I didn't have a cracked block but just about every cylinder was down on pressure. The pulley only goes on one way. There is a notch on the aluminum pulley to keep it in place. During the engine tear down we found that there was a lot of play in the pulley. When we inspected the notch there was evidence that it was being enlarged. I have it in my basement somewhere. I will post a pic if I have time.


I recommend that if anyone has one of these to take it off before it fails.


My car got to the point where it wouldn't spin the tires in first gear unless I dropped the clutch. It also would shutter at low speeds.

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You said it sounded "a little off". Are you sure it wasn't running lean at higher RPM? You said a pulley/tune and plugs, but don't say how much boost and if there is a fuel pump and injector package. That much hp almost always includes all of the above.

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