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Shelby Razor Wheels

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I have the 18" American Racing version of them (American Racing makes them for Shelby, in special sizes). They're not the same size or offset as the Shelby version, as Shelby only has them in 20" and 24mm offset. Mine are 18" and 40mm offset.


They clear the stock brake setup but no other calipers which has been a frustration for me

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I should also mention I did find a few of the 18" Razor wheels (non-Shelby version) with the 24mm offset, hoping they'd fit a bigger brake caliper on my Shelby GT. I also have an 08 GT500 (which as the stock 4 piston brembos) which I've used to test-fit these wheels and I can say the 18" wheels with 24mm offset don't quite clear. I mounted them on the GT500 and and they bolted on just fine with the car jacked up, but as soon as I tried to torque the lug nuts the spokes bumped into the calipers...so close, but no cigar.


The Shelby versions of the Razors are 20" and 24mm offset so they'll clear just fine but I don't want to go to 20" wheels on the Shelby GT. I wish they made them in 19"

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