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Clutch Time--recommendations?

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I've noticed some slipping in my '09 KR w 25k miles. I purchased back in January and have only put 4K miles on it. I drive her pretty mildly but who knows what the previous owner did. The drivetrain is stock.


From what I read, the McLeod RXT is hard to beat. I have a feeling I'm going to be "hooking up" much more solidly and am anxious to have this done. I realize this may be a bit overkill but there may come a day when I install a TVS and boost the power further.


A quick note since first posting; the shop I will use said it's unusual to have a clutch go so fast and said it COULD be a bad throw out bearing which he said is not uncommon at 25k miles. So small chance I won't need the new clutch but he's ordering it just in case.


Thanks in advance for your suggestions and or comments.

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My stock KR clutch (on an early 08 car) started slipping at about 34k miles.


I put the latest generation Ford clutch in. Much lighter pedal pressure than the original.


I just rolled past 40k miles and all is silky smooth. (Yes, I track this car A LOT)


BTW, mine has the TVS swap as well.

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I went with a 2013/14 clutch and love it. Much easier pedal and no chatter.


I have a McLeod clutch in my other Mustang and I'll never buy another.


I was convinced after reading all of the positive reviews... but what many/most of those reviews leave out is that the clutch makes a very audible vibrating sound that is REALLY annoying to me.


To others I guess they don't mind it. But I prefer the OEM no noise clutch.

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