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Dual-clutch paddle shift for the GT350 on the way?

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Rumor only right now, but seems logical especially since the cost is coming down.


The article makes a mistake about using the new Ford GT trans in the GT350. The GT uses rear mounted transaxle whereas the front engine GT350 would need a classic engine/trans combination. Sure the technology could be transplanted but it's not just a move over.

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There was a article in road & track saying these rich dudes that buy these $400K exotics can't drive a manual. That's the reason for paddle shifter's rather then then F 1 hype. Just saying. Not sure I agree but the young people coming up don't drive manuals or can't buy a manual.

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I had paddles (of sorts) in my 2010 Tundra, and the wife has a + - (sport mode) automatic console shift, in her Volvo sedan. NEVER, EVER used either.


I suppose if they were in a "hot rod" I might fool around with em. But I have zero interest in them. Just saying. :shrug:


Gimmee an old school gearbox anytime. Old dogs and old habits..... :cool:

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Remember when having an automatic instead of stick was a regular extra cost option. Not anymore. Many manufacturers are making having a stick shift the extra cost option as the automatic is the most common install by far. There will be many more generations of drivers that have no idea how a clutch and stick work.

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Or, there will be those who embrace this because it's simply more efficient. You guys can say what you will, but I know how to drive a manual, and my new Terlingua is an auto for all the right reasons. Out on the track, the vast majority do not employ proper toe heel driving, and I'm one of the ones who can do it, but I have really big feet, and after about 2 sessions my knee and hip really start to hurt because I've lost flexibility. If I was 20 again, there would be no excuse, but when it gets to the point where I have to either downshift early or coast through the turn in the wrong gear for the sake of physical pain, I'll take the auto. If it's a straight line car- totally different story.


I won't touch the encompassing argument that 99% of even track drivers benefit from the auto paddle shift. I assure you, you find them in high end super cars- like the new Ford GT for every reason BUT "rich people can't drive a stick". That's a lazy retort.

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