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AC Cars Will Build Nine Cobras to Original 1962 Specifications. You want an exact replica of CSX 2000? Here's your chance.


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I also found that interesting when I read it yesterday. I wonder if there are licensing issues being discussed or if this is supported by Shelby Licensing?

Haven't seen anything from Shelby Licensing on this so I would say CSL is not involved. They're not using the Shelby name but strangely they're using the Cobra name which Ford has control of so the question is did Ford sign off on this AC Cobra Legacy Edition?


They also claim to have "found a source" for brand new 260 V8 engines but don't elaborate if these engines were cast yesterday or if they were cast in the 1960's.

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So, why only nine???



So they can claim it will be a super rare build and charge a crazy amount of money.

Once the 9 are built they will change something like the type of brake pads used and call that a super rare build.

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