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2016 Car Week @ Monterey


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Today I went to the Classic Motorsports Magazine Monterey Kick Off Cruise in at the Folktale Winery in Carmel Valley. It's a free event with a wide variety of cars cruising in & out. Anyone here on TS own the Terlingua?









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Nice pictures, Harald! (Sweet-looking Terlingua, indeed). I saw this event advertised, but work got in the way of attending (saving up to take this afternoon off through the weekend for the Motorsports Reunion and RM auction).


Looks like I need to visit the Folktale Winery just for its setting... :)

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WYTSNK, yes it is a great venue. Maybe next year we can get some PSTS members together and cruise in. The guys form Classic Motorsports are great and you see a wide variety of cars. That said, my "car week" came to an abrupt stop and had a short stay in the hospital. As most know now CSX2000 sold for 12.5M to Greg Miller. I think this is a win IMO as it will be proudly displayed for enthusiasts to see. Here she is on display along with the 427 which I luv!.

IMG_0117 (1).JPG

IMG_0116 (2).JPG

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