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2nd Set of Wheels


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I was told on Saturday there are NO more Alcoa KR wheels left anywhere unless someone has an unused set still in their boxes. So, if you do anything to the wheel where it can no longer be driven on you are screwed. You can be cruising down the blvd and someone cuts you off and you hit the curb and now your wheel is bent with no replacement.


I think I am going to buy another set of wheels to drive or race with and save the originals unless going to car show then can put the originals back on. Question is what wheels to use? Not all wheels look good on every Mustang and if they're all pretty but bend like a rubber band then these are useless.


If any KR owner has changed their wheels post a picture, if think another Shelby wheel would look good say which one, if seen another Mustang with great looking rims who makes them? The KR Alcoa's are 18's and 18's I was told are better for racing the car compared to 20's and or I seen some very nice rims in 19's so I doubt I will use 20's.

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Thought I seen somewhere where guy was selling 4 still in the box at a very high price. In that price range I just take off the originals for safe keeping and put 4 Forgeline's on there

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I too have 275/35/20 on all 4 corners with zero issues. I'm sure 295's would fit on 10" rims in the rear.

The rear wheel well can fit a 305 with the correct offset/wheel width. I think you will need to remove the bump stop bracket on the body, and move the rubber bump stop itself inboard with the special re-locator piece someone sells.

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275's really fit on the front? Are both of you still using the factory suspension?


I have 295/35/20x9 on the rear of my 08 GT/SC and they fit comfortably could even fit a 305


Now I just have to determine which wheel I want to use? Will remove the Alcoa's for safe keeping since they can't be replaced and KR would look better with 20's. Shelby Parts released a brand new wheel that's not bad but I want to stay away from chrome so a Silver finish is preferred. Choosing a wheel is like redoing a room in your house and trying to decide what color which tile what size just gives me a headache. Not all Mustangs look good in all wheels either. I don't exactly live where a lot of Shelby owners are to look at different wheels already on the car and trust me what you see online is not the same in person

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