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NEW on the Forum, ISO 08 KR


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New guy from Norway, looking to get my first Shelby.

I have had many Mustangs, new and classics, currently have 71 Boss 351 .


We have three ( 3 ) 08 KR`s in Norway, Black, Silver and Red.....my favourite is Vista Blue,and that would complete the collection:)








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Good luck, worth the wait for the right one!!!




Had one ready to go in Kansas, even took a plane to visit and check out the car! Had an agreement on purchase, ready to sign papers...suddenly owner disappeared on me.....guess it`s some weird way to say I changed my mind, some kind of respond by mail or phone could be useful!


That's why i am still looking, and i am not in a hurry, so I will wait for the right one :)

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