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Looking for 2012 Super Snake Parts

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If you are the owner of an actual SS with a CSM number you can order the restricted parts from SPP. You just have to show proof of ownership and pic of the damaged part. Jeremy at SPP just sent me a replacement wheel last week for my SS after I emailed hip a copy of my registration and pic of damaged wheel.


Also, in case you weren't aware, those wheels are directional. They have an L or R stamped on the inside to tell the difference.

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Thanks F2redpot. No i didnt know that on the wheels. I called last week and had a guy in the parts department said o yes we can get them and when i got the car i called again and another one said no they cant get them. Also it had a rear carbon fiber fuser and i ask them at the parts department and that guy said buddy none of them had them on the rear and them i talk to a guy over the vin numbers and he look and said it showed that it did have one that that guy didnt know what he was talking about. LOL So u know how that goes. My car #12SS0026

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