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Help choosing a Radiator

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I'm looking to upgrade as the Houston heat is causing her to run a bit hotter than I'm comfortable with. AC sometimes turns off when I'm sitting in traffic so I'm going to have to cool her down. Any with experience please chime in. Right now I'm looking at the Mishimito, Fluidyne, C& R and the ford boss 302 radiator.







How hard is it to fit? I've heard clearance is tight. Should I get a new fan also?


Thanks team,


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If your A/C is cutting off it's probably because the high speed fan relay is overheating/shorting/melted. The compressor won't engage if the fan isn't running. The underside of my fuse block actually melted from the heat from the relay. As far as the radiator goes I've had all the ones you listed the mishimoto, C&R and Fluidyne were all garbage and didn't last much more than a year. I'm running the ford racing one right now and wish I would have done that from the start. I also upgraded to the SVT/SVE (13-14 GT500) fan.

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I did the same upgrade as JASPONY. Both the radiator and fan were purchased on sale through a Ford Racing dealer on the internet. I posted a thread on this with photos. It is a tight fit but can be done in a day taking your time. Great upgrade for the money especially in a supercharged application. -Kevin

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