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Trunk Light Fuse


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The fuse layout should be in your owners manual for that.

Very unusual that installing an led light would have any affect on the circuit, unless the led assembly itself was shorted out somehow.

Keep in mind that leds are polarity sensitive (directional), if it doesn't work one way, rotate 180 degrees and try again.

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Checked my 08 manual and nothing is listed for that specifically, it may be part of another circuit.

Have you noticed any other lighting not working, such as ambient or map lights?

Also keep in mind that the trunk light will automatically turn off after awhile, if the trunk is left open for more than 5 - 10 min or so.

Btw, you can verify your led bulb is good with a couple of small gauge wires and a 12v battery, so you know that is not the issue.

Been running leds in my trunk, license plate, map and fog lights for years, and this year added led headlights.

Big power savings with the leds and I like the cool white 5K light a lot more.

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