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Heat extraction vent placement defect on Super Snake hood

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Hi guys,

I'm new here and was just wondering if anyone with a ss hood has defective hood vents . They went to stripe the hood and now it sticks out like a sore thumb . The pass side vent is off a 1/2 " off towards the driver side wasn't noticeable until they striped it . What do you guys recommend ? Is anyone else's hood like this ? Please help.

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Yeah my vents are off 1/2" and with the stripes it sticks out like a sore thumb . Don't know what to do, spp doesn't want to do anything to help me . You pay so much money for quality parts and all you get if defective parts. I've bought so much stuff from them 99% of it is defective or doesn't fit right . Customer support is awefull . I don't know what to do at this point ....

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The funny thing is they are always ready to take you're money but when you call SAI. Or SPP they can never help anyone or you get hung up on . Any one have any suggestions ?

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