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Johnny 5 is alive!


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Sorry, could help a childhood reference to a very dumb movie from the 80s. I digress-


Here are some gratuitous rabbit shots:


Well, never mind. Y'all have to wait until I can size down these files.

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I think you could get it black or yellow. Only the black or yellow cars would want the yellow version though.


And yes, went auto because I'm bumping the HP significantly, and the mt82 will grenade even at 750 sooner or later. I could have gone tremec, but the paddle shifting and my wife's ability to drive it made it an easy call.

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750hp not enough? lol


I think this is funny as we have these Terlingua's rated at 750hp and the Super Snakes rated over 700hp and many GT's over 600hp and 700hp even Turbo cars with absurd HP numbers and ALL these cars are using Automatics yet Ford still won't put one in the GT350 and or the limited ones like GT500, Bullitt, Cobra, and so on because they think we are stupid enough to believe only the manual can handle that power.


My boys at Power by the Hour here in south FL have done at least 16 6R80 swaps into 2010-2014 GT500's because most who are racers found the Automatic to be far superior than the manual and a few older guys wanted the GT500 but didn't want to shift anymore

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Maybe some day, SA will do the conversion on their older Shelby models. Unfortunately, only the newer generations have the paddle shifters.


Great photos. But there should be a Terlingua rabbit in the center of the steering wheel. The Pony looks too common!

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Very much so. If enough people show interest.


If you really think about it, the GT500 and the 350 are sought after for people our age claiming our dream cars of the original builds, but the Terlingua and Shelby GT are the original builds of today. The difference with Terlingua is that it isn't tied to a specific build and can be used to build multiple models.

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I had mentioned that I would like to see SAI do a Terlingua Raptor on the new 2017 Raptor as one it would be very cool and two it would help with sales as many won't buy it because of the Eco-boost


I have a better idea, have Ford bring back the Bronco already and do a Terlingua Bronco.. I'd be first in line! That one guy's rendering is as good as a new Bronco can be, BUILD IT Ford

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I know they have done a new bronco. What I don't know is why it hasn't been announced. :shrug:


December LA show, or NAIAS, I can't imagine we don't get news of it by then. Ranger is coming right back too. Need more space, bigger monies....

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In my opinion this is the best Bronco concept of them all. We seen that Bronco auto show truck version they did awhile ago, I seen the Bronco Raptor version based on F150 grille, and there is that bastard version based on that SUV Ford sells in Brazil and by far this rendering is the best as it brings the look of the original but with a modern look and the side has the appearence of the last 94-96 big Bronco.


If they are serious they need to base it on the Jeep JK size and not the last 96 big bronco.


Needs to have 3 Engine options:

1 - 5.0 Coyote

2 - Eco-Boost V6

3 - Diesel


Transmission - new 10 spd Automatic


For sure they need a removable top option like the JK


Offer 3 suspension options:

1 - Standard - similar to the JK as people want the solid axles for off-road

2 - Baja - Raptor/Prerunner type

3 - Advanced - similar to the Range Rover


Build this and they will sell a boat load around the world!


Terlingua Bronco w/ 5.0 Coyote, 10spd automatic, and Baja type suspension umm, oh hell yea


I however give me a new Bronco w/ a Diesel and 10spd automatic equipped with a Range Rover type suspension, I would pay $55k to $75k for this


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That's still at SA. I have to get it first!


The hood looks good painted but its a lot of Black on top I might have used the Yellow Bunny. On mine I just think its too much of the Carbon Fiber look up there and even if I did Wrap it I am very unsure what design to use rather than just a Wrap with plain color and the Bunny


On the Yellow Terlingua's what I think SAI made an error on is using a flat almost satin look Black stripe and a glossy Black hood


When you figure out what you might do let me know?


Come to think about it I probably won't touch the hood as I have a couple other items that I may upgrade and should have actually come on this car especially at this price range. Sorry, but the Eibach coil-overs are just not good enough should have been JRi coil-overs. If you check and see what people are using for track duty as this is what this car is a race car Eibach wouldn't even be in top 5 whether its a Mustang, Camaro, BMW, Porsche, even Corvette. Koni, Bilstein, Penske, JRi, JRZ, Ohlins, and a couple other European brands. Any performance car like this in this price range should be coming with JRi or JRZ coil-overs. Expensive hell yea but worth it

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